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Preferably old organic vegetable seed varieties , but also non organic vegetable seeds are ok too. No F1's here ;) Note: On expired offers topics are locked!
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Sticky: Am out of Seeds and in India. Will be needing to make more. So please share some if you got some spare - David.
0366 over a year ago
Sticky: Offer: Meuch Common Bean seeds
10986 over a year ago
Wanted: Seeds to start a garden this year..
07 2 weeks ago
Wanted: Small Quanities for Special Needs Adults Classes
159 7 months ago
Vegetables seeds exchange
2344 10 months ago
HAVE: 3 tomato varieties for TRADE for varieties I need more of, or that I don't have
0264 over a year ago
HAVE: for trade or postage (US) Tomatoes, kale, cantaloupe, squash, & radish
2472 over a year ago
In trying to preserve what I grow I did lots of research, here is what I learned
1190 over a year ago
Help and Ideas for starting a sustainable farm
1331 over a year ago
Offer-- Vegetable seed collection give away!
0325 over a year ago
In need of some seeds please help
1415 over a year ago
red warty thing pumpkin
0713 over a year ago
Looking for seeds for bee garden (Canada)
0245 over a year ago
Looking for any seeds available!
1488 over a year ago
Basque Tomatoes and Peppers
1591 over a year ago
Any comfrey
0249 over a year ago
Wanted: broad bean (vicia faba)
0233 over a year ago
Wanted - Viable Einkorn wheat seed
0264 over a year ago
Help getting started
0248 over a year ago
Does anyone have redcurrants or chile poblano to share with me?
1195 over a year ago
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